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ASHTAROOT solid perfume

ASHTAROOT solid perfume

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Also known as concrete scent (Makhmariah), Unguent in antiquity, a blend of resins, absolutes and essential oils . it can be freely used to perfume the hair and the body just rub on the desired area.

Ashtaroot also known as Astarte was the Phoenician Goddess of Beauty. Love and Youth. 

associated with rebirth and Spring . The blend will surround you with a feeling of being in a blooming garden of flowers and roses. 

Base Notes : Ambrette seed, olibanum , rose Otto

Heart Notes: cyclamen  , Jasmine, Lavender , Geranium 

Top Notes :  orange blossom , lily of the valley , carnation 




Candelila Wax, Jojoba Oil, Grape seed oil, blend of resins , absolutes and essential oils ( refer to description)

How to use

Rub the desired amount on any area you wish to perfume, please note it is very concentrated, so a little goes a long way, can be used to perfume hair and condition dry ends, also to style instead of hair balm.


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