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Founded in 2019, Balsam Holistic was built on providing people with a piece of the Mediterranean beauty rituals,where Olive oil and hydrosoles were and still a major part in skincare routine as much as they are in the diet or as tonics to aid in healing ailments.With passed down recipes coupled with modern green chemistry and incorporating what other alternative medicine practices around the world have used without fail for thousands of years, a whole range of personal care products were created.All handmade in small batches in Sydney Australia and from locally sourced ingredients from trusted suppliers is a part of our ethos.

Inspired by the ancient civilisation of the Phoenicians, Sea farers and traders, pioneers to many discoveries and inventors.The Phoenicians cared for health and beauty and were the suppliers of perfumes and oils to neighbouring countries, for this you will find that many of the names I chose for the products are of Phoenician deities.

Traditional healers have turned to nature to treat ailments since the dawn of time. So, it makes sense that the best way to enhance your natural beauty, while safeguarding your health, is to do the same.

Many traditional cosmetics work well, and they work fast, but at what cost? Eventually, you'll start to see the effects of poisoning your skin morning and night.

The ingredients in natural organic skincare products meet the same criteria as organic foods. So they're literally good enough to eat. They contain no residues of pesticides or fertilizers and no harsh chemicals.

Balsam Holistic products are Eco-Friendly, since we source our raw ingredients from organic suppliers There are no chemicals used in producing these raw ingredients. That means, We lessen the load on the Earth’s resources, as well as limit ground, air, and water pollution.

When it comes to protecting our natural resources, every little bit counts, and you’re doing your bit by supporting responsible farming and manufacturing processes.
At Balsam Holistic we Care About You, We a are handmade small business boutique operation that takes time and care when producing our all-natural products. Small batch production means we know every element that goes into our creations.

With a life long passion and research on Alchemy, Herbalism, Aromatherapy and Pharmaceuticals you can rest assured that we know our stuff. A lot of our early experimentation was for our own use, so we know what works and what doesn't too.

As a small business we can't afford even one unhappy client, so we take great care to ensure that everything we put our name on is of the highest quality.
unless stated otherwise our products are Vegan.

Up to 95% of the contents of our products are active ingredients. That means they get to work straight away to soothe and nourish your skin

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